EV owners, Congratulations, you have purchased the most amazing type
of automobile on the market today! I know… as I have been an electric vehicle (EV) owner since 2011 and absolutely love my electric car!
Now it is time to go to the next level and power your car from the sun’s
While your home’s electricity costs you .12 cents per kilowatt/hour, or
about $1.20 to travel 40 miles, why not travel that distance for free and
not burn any coal to make the electricity you use. 5-8 solar panels on
your roof will fully power your electric car and you will be driving free
and clean.
A Photovoltaic system will charge your car from the suns light even at
night while you sleep.

During the day while you may be gone with your electric car your solar
panels will be making electricity and going backwards from your home
to the grid. But you got credit for that power as your electric meter will
spin backwards all day. At night when you are home with the EV and
plugged into the home charger the electricity you made during the day
come back to you from the grid to charge your car and the meter spin
In todays energy conscious environment you may have received a tax
credit for the purchase of your car and there are many rebates and tax
credits also available to you for the purchase of a Photovoltaic solar
system on your home. The Federal Government will pay 26% of the
total cost of installing a solar power generation system at your home.
That will make any system you desire less costly and very affordable.
While building a PV system to power your car you may also consider
upsizing the system so it can also power your home. The same tax
credits are available for that too.