Denver International Airport Solar Installation (2)

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ARE Solar has been building residential and commercial solar systems throughout the Front Range for the past 14 years.  Recently ARE Solar completed a build at the Denver International Airport (DIA) and while it was not the largest system we have ever built, it was most definitely the most recognizable solar system we have ever constructed.

The preparation for this project took over 2 years of work dealing with: bidding; negotiations; design; procurement; and coordination with multiple other subcontractors.  It was a major milestone event for ARE Solar to ultimately win the trust of the GC, Holder Construction; the Electrical Subcontractor, Sturgeon Electric; and the City of Denver.  By proving the merits of our bid, quality of our builds, and integrity of our organization, ARE Solar prevailed on this very important governmental open bid at the Denver Airport.

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The City of Denver Solar Company: ARE Solar

The solar system was built in late 2021 without any delays or problems, delivered to the City of Denver on time and within the provided funds.  Today the 888 solar panels sit atop the flat roof of Concourse “C” on a ballasted 25 degree tilt racking system, garnering the maximum sun energy each and every day.  The payback for this project is forecast to be under 8 years and it is planned to produce energy for well over 35 years to come.

For ARE Solar, this was a huge win and unique opportunity to showcase our great company. Our organizational skills, quality control apparatus, and workmanship, shined brightly throughout this 3 year long project.  It was a privilege for ARE Solar to work for the City of Denver at their International Airport and we are all very proud of our accomplishments on this challenging project.

David B. Waldman
President, ARE Solar

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