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If you need to remove, reinstall, or replace your home solar panels, be sure to choose a reliable local solar panel reinstallation company. At ARE Solar, we have a stellar track record of superior solar installation, solar panel removal, solar panel reinstallation, and solar repair & replacement services. We operate throughout the greater Denver area: in Denver, Boulder and across the Colorado Front Range. 

Licensed Home Solar Panel Replacement Contractor in Denver and Surrounding City of Boulder

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Denver Front Range homeowners may need solar panel removal and reinstallation for many reasons, including:
  • Roof jobs. Roof maintenance, roof repair, and roof replacement may require the removal of solar panels.
  • Solar system damage. Although modern PV systems are extremely durable, they can still suffer damage from extreme weather events with dangerous wind speeds or extra heavy hail.
  • Solar system upgrades. You may need to replace or relocate panels to improve your home PV system’s efficiency.

If you need to reinstall or replace your solar panels, please work with an experienced, trusted solar panel reinstallation company like ARE Solar. Most roofing contractors don’t have the qualifications to work on solar panel systems. 

Our expert team handles solar panel removal, solar panel reinstallation, and solar panel replacement safely and efficiently, using proper tools and protective gear. If you need to have the same panels reinstalled, we will handle the panels with extra care to preserve their functionality. 

Our team will inspect your solar energy system and notify you of any issues such as weather damage or corrosion. Then, our solar experts will recommend the appropriate solution, such as reinstallation or replacement. 

We aim to complete solar panel reinstallations or solar panel replacements with minimal disruption to your everyday life. Solar reinstallations typically take 2-3 days, depending on the number of solar panels and on the weather.  

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Denver’s Top Residential Solar Panel Reinstallation Company

Here is why our team at ARE Solar is one of the leading solar panel reinstallation companies in Denver, CO: 

  • Quality. We only use high-performing solar panels from leading manufacturers; most of which offer the best manufacturer warranties available.
  • Expertise. Our pro team includes accredited structural engineers, NABCEP-certified installers, and master electricians.
  • Reputation. We have over a decade of experience providing outstanding solar services to Denver, Boulder, and the Front Range.
  • Efficiency. We aim to provide the best and most cost-effective results in every residential solar panel reinstallation.
  • Service. We commit to the highest level of service, from the initial estimate to the end of each project.
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Dependable Detach and Reset Experts

Did your solar system sustain damage? Are you planning to upgrade to a more advanced and cost-effective PV system? We provide durable, high-performing solar panel replacements in Boulder, Denver, and the Front Range of Colorado. We guarantee quick, efficient, and careful home solar panels replacements or reinstallations. 

Contact us today for a free estimate from Colorado’s best-in-class solar panel reinstallation company, ARE Solar of Denver. 

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