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Does my house need to face a certain way for solar panels to be beneficial? / What direction is the best facing for solar panels?

Any structure has a roof that can be made to work with a solar Photovoltaic system. South is always best but east and west work fine. It is just the north face we do not use without adjusting the angle to the sun. For more info Since Colorado is in the northern hemisphere and not [...]

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Do I need to clean the solar panels?

Now if we get one of the those periods of two months without any rain fall with a lot of pollen and dust you may want to hose off the solar panels but it really is not all that important. (I high pressure hose nozzle so you can do the washing from the ground and [...]

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How much does solar power cost to install?

The cost of a solar PV system varies based on: the size of the installed system; is it on the roof or ground mounted; are any upgrades to the existing electrical system needed or not; local jurisdiction requirements and a variety of other variables all affect the price. But every system is custom designed to [...]

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How long will it take to break even on my solar system investment? / How many years to break even? / How long does it take for solar to pay for itself?

The quintessential question of how long will it take to break even on the investment in a PV solar system varies, but it is typically in the range of 8-11 years for residential and 4-7 years for commercial. Some of the variable factors affecting the payback are: a larger system costs less per kilowatt installed [...]

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