Top-rated Solar Panel Installation in Longmont, CO

Are you looking for a professional solar panel installation in Longmont, CO? This cost-saving technology can significantly reduce what you owe on your monthly electricity bills. At ARE Solar, we proudly supply neighbors like you with these excellent solutions.  

We are a top-rated, certified photovoltaic (PV) system installation company with years of professional service. Consider the benefits of investing in our team to improve the value of your Longmont property. 

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Quality Solar Panel Installation Services Offered in Longmont

At ARE Solar, we believe PV technology is the key to a sustainable future. Our solar installers use high-performing products to capture natural sunlight and convert it into clean energy. Unlike some traditional solar companies, we personalize each installation according to your needs. 

Home Installations 

Do you need a small 3KW solar panel installation in Longmont, CO? We can attach these systems to your roof without damaging your property. Allow your family to become energy-independent by investing in these practical solutions.  

Our company provides flexible financing options so you can budget your next project easily.  

Business Installations 

Lower the utility costs of running your business with our commercial solar panel systems. We recruit NABCEP-certified engineers and technicians that can optimize your installations so you only pay for what’s necessary. Additionally, our PV systems can significantly increase the land value of your business. 

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Quality Solar Panel Installation Services

Reinstallation Services 

Suppose you have an old or damaged solar panel installation. In that case, we can safely remove these features and replace them with a new and durable system. We upgrade hundreds of properties every year with long-lasting, weather-resistant solar panels.  

Technical Service and Repairs 

At ARE Solar, we ensure that you have access to knowledgeable technicians who can monitor and repair your PV panels. We will inspect your systems for electrical problems, debris, impact damage, and more. Our crew will quickly resolve any issues we encounter to give you adequate power year-round.  

We believe in professionalism and high-quality communication during every interaction. 

FAQs About Solar Panel Installation in Longmont

How Can Solar Panels Improve Life in Longmont? Longmont is home to nearly 100,000 residents, many of whom rely on public transportation, like the Fort Collins, Loveland, and Berthoud bus services. Solar energy is a great way to lower the town’s dependency on limited resources to power these essential services.  

Will Solar Panels Take Up Space in Town? We optimize our installations to save as much space as possible. Longmont has an area of around 27.6 square miles, giving us no shortage of installation options. Some of the best locations for our solar energy systems include airports, farmland, and rooftops.  

Are Solar Panels Safe? We understand that residents in Longmont take their safety seriously. Since establishing Longmont Fire Department Station 1 in 1907, the city has expanded its fire service to include six more stations. We take the time to install each system in compliance with city fire and zoning codes.  

Call ARE Solar at 720-637-1182 or 720-706-2773. Ask us about solar panel installation in Longmont, CO. 

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