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At ARE Solar, we’re proud to be the leading choice for solar panel installation in Boulder, CO, Denver, and the Front Range. Our team of professionals has served the Boulder community for over ten years with quality solar energy services for residential and commercial applications.  

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Reputable Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Boulder

 At ARE Solar, we provide innovative solutions for our residential and commercial customers in Boulder. With an average of 250 sunny days in Colorado every year, we’ll help you harness the sun’s clean, renewable, and abundant energy with a state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) solar energy system. Our services include the following: 

Solar Panel Design and Installation  

Whether you need standard residential solar panels or a large-scale commercial system, the ARE Solar installer team can make it happen. We start with a custom design process and finish with a professional installation by our skilled technicians. You can expect your new solar energy system to recoup your original investment in approximately seven to nine years. Of course, you’ll also see a significant reduction in your monthly electricity bill.  

PV Solar Removal and Reinstallation 

Our services also include solar panel removal and reinstallation for residential and commercial systems. For example, we often perform removal and reinstallation under the following circumstances:  

  • During roof replacements or repairs 
  • When a homeowner is relocating 
  • To install more efficient upgrades 
  • During home renovations 
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Solar Panel Service and Repair in boulder

Solar Panel Service and Repair  

As one of the leading solar companies in Boulder, CO, we also perform solar panel repair services for systems with malfunctioning components or damage. Our team will begin with an in-depth inspection and evaluation to determine the primary issue. Next, we’ll walk you through available system repair or replacement options and then discuss how to proceed. We’ll work as hard as possible to ensure your solar panels are running at peak efficiency by the time we finish the job.  

Solar Energy System Maintenance and Monitoring  

Residential and commercial solar panel systems are low maintenance, which is a great bonus. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect annual inspections and service tune-ups. For example, we recommend cleaning your system twice yearly and getting professional inspections annually. Our team uses cutting-edge equipment to evaluate and test your system to identify potential issues and ensure it functions correctly. 

About Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO, rests in the shadow of the Flatiron mountains and offers gorgeous scenery, stunning vistas, and plenty of mountainous terrains. With incredible eateries and breweries, a thriving downtown area, and some of the best biking trails in the West, Boulder is a wonderful place to live.  

The top attractions in Boulder, CO, include the numerous mountain trails and scenic views, the Museum of Natural History, the Pearl Street Mall, and the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory.  

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