In the last decade the proliferation of solar photovoltaic has cause the price of the panels and the equipment in the system to be cut to a fourth of what they were in 2010. So the panels themselves are now a commodity, rather than the big cost driver as they were in the past.

A typical mid-range quality solar PV panel in 2022 is rated at 380 to 420 watts and will cost between $200 to $315. So if you add all the other components, labor, design, permits, etc., as a rule of thumb assume a roof mounted system is about $1000 a panel and a ground mounted system will run about $1200 per panel. This is just a rough means to estimate costs as in reality many variables affect price and each system built is unique and custom designed so your actual price may be higher or lower after a professional assesses all the variables.

Some of this variables that affect price are: The size of the installed system

  • Is it on the roof or ground mounted
  • If on the roof what is the roofing material installing to/over Simplicity of design or complexity of the design
  • Are any upgrades to the existing electrical system needed or not Local jurisdiction requirements
  • With batteries or without On grid or off grid
  • And a variety of other variables all affect the price.

But as every system is custom designed to meet the customer’s needs and budget you can always get what you can afford.