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Do you need professional and reliable service from a commercial solar panel installation company? Find out how our team can help you! 

As a commercial property or business owner, maximizing returns is one of your primary objectives. Installing a solar PV system is the ideal solution to:  

  • Reduce your running energy costs.
  • Increase your commercial property’s market value.
  • Reduce your business’s carbon footprint.
  • Protect your business against electricity price spikes.
  • Keep your business operational, even when the grid goes down or collapses.

As one of the leading commercial solar panel installation companies in Denver, we at ARE Solar can provide you with a personalized solar panel solution for your business or commercial property.  

Our team of NABCEP-certified solar panel installers, master electricians, and structural engineers is on standby to provide you with first-class solar panel design and installation service. We also offer commercial solar panel maintenance solutions.  

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When you partner with ARE Solar, you’re never alone. We simplify the management of commercial solar energy installation.

We will:

  • Design & provide specifications for your solar energy system.
  • Apply for your municipal building permit.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the solar energy installation.
  • Work with your local utility company to ensure any rebates that may be available are applied for and you receive any incentives you are entitled to.
  • Ensure timely delivery of all equipment directly to your business.
  • Ensure that your installation is professional and clean. Any necessary subcontractors will be supervised by ARE Solar staff.
  • Coordinate your city inspection(s) for the final approval from your municipality.
  • Provide financing options, if needed.

More reasons to choose ARE Solar:

  • A documented track record of professional and reliable service.
  • A custom designed, cost-efficient, top-quality solar energy system built to withstand the wind and snow conditions of the Front Range.
  • Quality solar panels that carry an industry leading manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • A professional installation team including NABCEP certified structural engineers, roof solar energy contractors, and electricians.
  • Comprehensive personal service from ARE Solar President and Founder, David Waldman – from consultation through installation.
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Superior Commercial Solar Panel Installation Contractor in Denver and Surrounding City of Boulder

Installing a solar panel system that meets your commercial property’s unique energy requirements can result in long-term savings and a significant reduction in your business’s carbon emissions. During the past decade, the cost of solar system installations decreased significantly, making renewable energy a viable option for businesses. 

Colorado is also one of the best states for solar power, thanks to various rebates and tax incentives. The state also allows net metering, which lets you export excess solar energy to the grid for an electricity credit. You can use this credit when your solar panels are passive—for example, at night or during cloudy days.  

With the U.S. federal tax credit for solar, you might be eligible for a substantial tax credit on your solar installation, reducing your commercial solar panel cost even further.  

At ARE Solar, we will provide you with a complete solar installation solution that includes an extensive consultation to determine your needs and design the optimal system. We supply and install high-end panels and other components from reputable manufacturers. 

Business Owners’ Preferred Commercial Solar Panel Maintenance Company in the Denver Metro Area

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Business owners take advantage of our comprehensive commercial solar panel maintenance program to:

  • Preserve the functional lifespan of the solar panel system
  • Prevent costly and untimely defects
  • Ensure the safety of the building’s occupants

Commercial solar panel system maintenance services encompass various tasks, including solar panel cleaning, wiring and connection inspections, as well as reviewing faults on the inverter display.  

Our maintenance also includes solar PV asset management, which involves tracking your system’s performance and providing you with monthly reports to reduce downtimes. 

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Whether you need a commercial solar panel repair, installation, or maintenance service in Denver, our certified technicians at ARE Solar are ready to help.  

Switching to commercial solar is an investment with long-term returns and a positive environmental impact. To schedule a consultation, contact the best commercial solar panel installation company Denver business owners trust: ARE Solar.