Reduce or eliminate your utility bills and increase your home’s value.

This is a really smart time to go solar. There are historic financial incentives including a 26% federal tax credit, utility renewable energy rebates, and lower sales tax. You can get a PV* system to power your home at a fraction of the actual cost. Plus your investment will actually MAKE money for you and your family for decades to come.

How It Works

Step 1 – Upon contacting ARE Solar, we will:

  • Review a satellite image of your roof
  • Determine if solar is right for your home
  • Explain currently available solar incentives
  • Answer any questions and schedule a site visit, or virtual site visit

Step 2 – During our home visit, or virtual site visit we will:

  • Measure the roof and shade impacts, provided it is safe to get on the roof
  • Present a preliminary design based on your needs
  • Discuss preferred financing option
  • Schedule the site visit, or virtual site visit

Step 3 – During our proposal presentation, we will:

  • Present your customized proposal
  • Discuss your installation timeline
  • Review any final questions

Step 4 – During project planning, we will:

  • Submit a permitting application
  • Assign an installation date
  • Handle any applicable rebate or incentive applications

Step 5 – During installation, we will:

  • Arrive at your home on time on schedule to begin installation
  • Installations typically take 2-3 days depending on system size and weather

Step 6 – As we complete and commission your system, we will:

  • Schedule an inspection with the municipality
  • Schedule a meter installation with the utility
  • Turn on your system and educate you on how it works
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