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At ARE Solar, we are a solar panel repair company in Denver offering premier solar panel restoration solutions. If you have a solar panel malfunction in Denver, contact us today! 

A low solar maintenance requirement is one of the most significant benefits of the system. Most high-end solar arrays have durable glass encasements with insulation layers and protective back sheets. 

These systems should also adhere to rigorous solar standards and codes, ensuring optimal longevity and reliability. That said, solar arrays have high exposure to the elements, and so they are susceptible to several issues. 

If you encounter a problem with your solar panel system, our experienced repair team at ARE Solar is standing by to provide you with a complete, long-lasting home solar panel repair service. Contact us today at 720-504-0005 to schedule an inspection. 

Reliable Solar Panel Repair Services in Denver and Surrounding Metro Area

As one of Denver’s leading solar panel repair companies, we offer a comprehensive solar panel repair service consisting of multiple steps.

Our technicians start each solar panel repair with a thorough assessment, which includes testing and a visual inspection. Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, our technicians can detect voltage differences between the earthing and the array, which might affect your system’s performance. We can detect internal corrosion, panel cracks, and dirt accumulation with a visual inspection.  

After locating the issue, we will formulate a cost-effective and long-term solution. In some cases, reinstalling or resetting a component will be sufficient to resolve the issue permanently. However, if your panels are at the end of their functional lifespan, we might recommend a solar panel replacement. 

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Best Local Solar Panel Repair Company in Denver and the Surrounding Metro Area

Local Solar Panel Repair Company in Denver and the Surrounding Metro Area

When encountering an issue with your solar panel system, you need a prompt and knowledgeable solar panel repair service. At ARE Solar, our certified technicians have the necessary expertise to identify and address issues without wasting valuable time.  

Common solar panel issues we encounter include:  

  • Delamination, causing moisture damage and internal corrosion.
  • Micro-cracks due to temperature fluctuations and careless handling during shipping.
  • Faulty wiring, loose connections, oxidation, and other electrical issues.
  • Hot spots due to panel overload and poorly soldered connections.
  • Potential induced degradation (PID), resulting from a voltage difference between the earthing and the panels.
  • Bad silver paste, causing brown lines or “snail trails” on the panel and a drop in the system’s performance.
  • Chewed / damaged wires from squirrels due to non-secure critter guard installation or lack-thereof.

Poor Solar panel installation is a common cause of  issues. If you’re planning a new solar panel installation, get in touch with our team at ARE Solar and eliminate future solar panel repair costs. 

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Efficient Home Solar Panel Repair Solutions in Denver & Surrounding City of Boulder – Trust Our Experts at ARE Solar

We go the extra mile to provide homeowners with the most efficient solar panel repair solutions. Our team will consult with you to determine your needs and ensure that you understand the issue at hand. We will also ensure that our solution resolves the issue over the long haul, eliminating unnecessary future expenses.  

To schedule a solar PV inspection at your home or business in Denver, CO, from our team at ARE Solar, contact our solar panel repair company in Denver today.