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If you plan to install a home solar system, make sure you work with a reliable, experienced local solar panel installation contractor. Our team at ARE Solar has been proudly serving Denver, Boulder, Arvada, and the Colorado Front Range for over 10 years, with a stellar track record of installing high-performing, cost-efficient solar systems. 

A Homeowner’s #1 Choice for Custom Solar Panel Systems in Denver & Boulder, Colorado.

Denver, Colorado, enjoys 246 sunny days a year on average. Local property owners who install a home photovoltaic (PV) system may expect to recoup their investment within 7-9 years and proceed to enjoy decades of net gain from their home solar panels. 

Additionally, a home PV system provides: 

  • Flexibility. Keep your connection to your utility company grid or set up a 100% off-grid household with solar panels and an energy storage system.
  • Security. Every year, thousands of Colorado residents experience power outages. Solar battery storage can serve as a backup energy source during extreme weather events.
  • Higher property value. Will you be selling your property? A working solar system can boost your home’s net worth. Moreover, Colorado’s sales tax exemption includes any additional value a PV system gives your home.
  • Federal incentives. Colorado homeowners may collect a federal tax credit on home solar installations. We can help guide you through this process.
  • Sustainable energy. Going solar reduces your carbon footprint and helps fight climate change.

Solar panel installation costs have dropped by up to 80% over the past decade. However, a residential solar panel installation is still a significant investment. 

Hiring a trusted solar panel installation contractor in Denver is the number one decision that can ensure your solar system’s performance and long-term efficacy. At ARE Solar, we commit to superior solar system quality, professional installations, and excellent service. 

We will handle all aspects of a solar system installation, from designing an individually tailored system to submitting permit applications and scheduling municipal inspections. Installations usually take a couple of days, depending on the weather and system size. 

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Top-of-the-Line Residential Solar Panel Installation in the Denver Metro Area

Here is what sets us at ARE Solar apart from other solar panel installation contractors in Denver, CO: 

  • Top-quality solar systems. We source best-in-class solar system parts from leading manufacturers; most of which offer industry leading warranties.
  • Custom PV system design. At ARE Solar, we optimize your solar system for your property, roof angle, and weather conditions.
  • Expert team. Our professional team includes NABCEP-certified installers, structural engineers, and master electricians.
  • Experience and reliability. Our ARE Solar team is a trusted local solar contractor with over a decade of experience serving Denver and the Colorado Front Range.
  • Top-notch service. From estimate to installation, we are here for any questions you may have.
ARE Solar employees installing solar panels on a residential roof

Reduce Your Energy Costs by Installing Solar Panels With Are Solar

A home PV system in Colorado will generate over $15000 in utility savings for a homeowner over 25 years. ARE Solar is dedicated to help Colorado homeowners maximize solar savings by installing top-quality, custom-designed PV systems. When you work with us, switching to clean, renewable energy is easier than ever.

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