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Eliminate or reduce your utility bills and increase your home’s value.

Going ‪solar is one of the best decisions for your family. Now available with zero-down financing, to help you save from day one. Learn more…


Our Colorado based experts do all the work.

We personally work with you to install cost efficient and weather durable solar systems with a 25 year guarantee. We find the best financing and tax credits for your investment. Learn more…

Dependable solar that scales with your business.

We’re dedicated to bringing better solar and greater savings to Colorado companies of any size. Learn more…

Low Overhead = Big Savings

ARE Solar cuts the warehousing cost by drop shipping materials directly from our distributors to your home! All we need from you is a space where we can keep them during the short installation process (typically 4 days or less).

Now is the Time to Go Solar:

– 26% Federal Tax Credit = Cash Savings
– Utility Renewable Energy rebates
– Lower Sales Tax
We can install a PV system to power your home or business at a fraction of the actual cost. Really! Plus, your investment will MAKE you money for years to come!


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Installing solar on your building will allow you to comply with the new Denver Green Roof Initiative while also increasing your property value and generating income. ARE Solar can help! Learn more…

Recent Blog

Can Solar Panels on My Roof Survive Hurricane force winds? If not, How to Protect them?

All communities on the Front Range of Colorado require new homes and for that matter new solar system at the homes to be engineered to withstand hurricane force wind that are occasionally flowing off the mountains to batter this area. In 11 years that I have been building solar system I have never heard of any wind damage to a system that was properly engineered, permitted and built.

February 21st, 2020|

What Our Clients Have to Say

“ARE Solar was very fast and professional. They installed the system as proposed, no surprises. They applied for the permit quickly and once approved they had several people on site to very quickly mount panels and electrical infrastructure. The install finished just past the winter solstice, peak power has been higher than I expected and power generation is growing as the days get longer and the sun gets higher. Stats are easy to view on the monitoring web page which I have been watching daily for the past month. I’m thrilled with the outcome!”
– John H.
Denver, CO


“When I hired ARE, I knew I was getting the best price, but I didn’t know I was also getting the best service. I had a panel failure six months after installation and ARE responded immediately. A replacement panel was ordered and installed and I never had to deal with the manufacturer, ARE took care of everything.”
– Jim Roberts
Louisville, CO


” As a businessman running a major distribution company I saw it as my responsibility to conserve energy, but I couldn’t afford to shut down my operations to convert to solar. ARE’s people helped us make the transition with the least possible disruption. Bottom line, I got great service and value from ARE.”
– John Damiano of Damiano Inc.
Denver, CO