Will solar power lower my natural gas bill or just the electric bill?

Adding solar PV to your structure typically will not lower your natural gas bill, just your electric bill, but one does have the opportunity while sizing the solar PV system to make changes to how you use energy that will lower the natural gas bill. If you know that your gas hot water heater is [...]

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What is the difference between a kilowatt and a kilowatt-hour?

The difference between a kilowatt (kW) and kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the most misunderstood topic of understanding electricity and how we measure power and consumption/production. Both concepts are referenced when talking about a photovoltaic solar system and important to understand before buying a solar PV system. kW measure power, it represents the actual electrical size of [...]

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How much will solar save me if I put it on my house?

Depending on how much you are you currently spending for electricity, but the goal is to save you your entire electric bill every months for the next 40-45 years. That is assuming you have an adequate sized roof or area on the ground to build a solar system that can power 100% of what you [...]

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Can I buy solar panels and put them up myself?

Yes, if you have the skills and are able to be working on a roof in a safe manner it is not rocket science. However, often the price a consumer can buy the equipment online at is equal the price a solar integrator can sell the equipment and the labor to two the install, so [...]

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What is thin film solar power and should I use it on my house?

Thin film solar power is an alternate technology for turning the sun’s photons into electricity as apposed to the original method using silicon crystal based solar cells. The thin film panels offer some advantages over silicon cells but at this stage of their development they are not as efficient nor less expensive per watt so [...]

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Which solar panels are the best?

To decode which of the hundreds of solar panel manufactures is the best a few questions must first be answered about what one is trying to achieve. The simple answer is that the best warranty, the highest efficiency, and best performing solar PV panel is unquestionably the best. But not everyone may need the best. [...]

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Should I buy American made solar panels?

Buying American made solar PV panels vs. foreign panels is a matter of how price sensitive one is. Solar panels like all consumer goods come in a varying degree of quality, efficiency, warranties, and manufacture stability. Like automobiles, today many components come from countries all over the world so knowing only where something was assembled [...]

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Can I put solar on my garage?

If it is an attached garage then most definitely. And if it is a detached garage the answer is still yes, the only question is how far away from the homes meter or main circuit breaker panel is the structure. The only limiting factors is the ability to run an underground conduit with wires to [...]

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Why do all solar companies ask for electricity usage?

The best way for any professional solar PV designer to custom design the right system for a customer is for the customer to provide the historic electric consumption for the structure they wish to add solar to. In this way a system can be sized appropriately to meet the assumed future demand based on historical [...]

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Does my house need to face a certain way for solar panels to be beneficial? / What direction is the best facing for solar panels?

Any structure has a roof that can be made to work with a solar Photovoltaic system. South is always best but east and west work fine. It is just the north face we do not use without adjusting the angle to the sun. Since Colorado is in the northern hemisphere and not at the equator, [...]

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