90% of the time ownership of a solar PV system is the best approach.
By owning your own system you have the ability to get free electricity
for decades after the pay-off period end that last between 8-11 years.
Since the system should last 35-40 years, that is a long period of making
money by not having to buy electricity. With a lease you never get free
electricity as you always have to pay the leasing company for the power
produced on your roof. So in the rare case when someone has no access to added capital to buy a
solar system the lease may be the only option that works and at least one
till gets green energy. However most people who own a home have
some equity in the home that allows for a second mortgage to pay for the
solar system or at minimum can get an energy home improvement loan
to afford the purchase. In almost all cases the monthly loan payment to
the bank will be lower than what the electric bill use to be prior to
building the Photovoltaic system. So why lease!
Bank loan program or cash) Then the customer, through a federal tax
credit program, recovers a third of the cost back in one year, and in
select areas an addition refund(s) will be paid by the utility as a purchase