When the grid power goes off most solar photovoltaic system will shut down automatically also. This is a built in safety feature to protect power company linemen working on the wires from being electrocuted by solar photovoltaic back flowing to the grid and electrifying power lines they assumed were turned off. However, if maintaining the ability to produce power when the grid is down is a priority for you then inverters can be selected for your system that will work during a grid power outage. It all depends on one’s budget and priorities. A system can be built, or existing system modified, with inverters that in essence automatic grid isolate and thus it is safe for the system to keep power flowing as it only flows within the structures wires and can’t back feed the grid. Just a few factors to consider, with out batteries this will only be of benefit when the sun is shining and you likely can not run everything if just purely running on the solar system. To attain the greatest advantage of a Photovoltaic