Xcel makes it very confusing to understand the electric bill once you install a Photovoltaic system, so you are not alone in feeling baffled by how it is represented. Let me trying to help put the pieces together, and explain how they do the billing. Xcel’s labeling is a misnomer so lets decode that first:“Total Energy” = total energy coming back to your home from the grid that spun the net meter forward (NOT total power the home consumed)“Total Delivered by Customer” = The energy your solar system produced over and above what your home used during the billing period . (NOT the total production of the PV system)“Net Delivered by Xcel” = The energy you used above and beyond what your solar system produced and what you are being charged for in this billing cycle. (Not the gross kWh delivers to your home by Xcel)Want to learn more… read on If you look at the most recent two electric bill that will help to piece together what they are doing. Remember, “Total Energy” is not the total energy consumed in running your house that billing cycle, “total energy” is the total you took from the grid that spun the net meter forward. (Forward when you are taking energy from the grid and backwards when putting excess energy onto the grid.) What Xcel’s “Total Energy” number does not account for is the electricity your solar system made during the day that your home consumed fully and therefor never got registered on the net meter as it was consumed by your home and never made it to the meter. However, you got full credit for that energy because you were not buying electricity from the utility for those kWh your Photovoltaic system produced. The “Real Total Energy” number for your home’s consumption during an given period is the “Net Delivered by Xcel” + the Production kWh numbers your photovoltaic monitoring system shows for the same days. Some people also get a second statement each month from Xcel… that is the production meter account and it will account for the full kWh produced by the photovoltaic system. This statement’s kWh reading should match closely to your monitoring system’s total and thus that is the “Real Delivered by the Customer”Want to learn more… read on So the “Total Delivered by the Customer” is the kWh amount your photovoltaic system produced during the billing period that your home was not in need of so that caused the net meter to spin backwards. The “Net delivered by Xcel” is “Total Energy” kWh, minus the “Total Delivers by Customer” or what your home consumed above what your system produced. (Meter spinning forward either during the night or during the day when your home was demanding more power than the solar system could produce) Even if you are still getting an electric bill with charges for electricity your home’s photovoltaic system still saved you a lot of money in three ways. First, all the electricity you did not have to buy that was produced by your solar system and was directly used by the home and not recorded on the “Total Energy” category; Second, by producing so much of your own power you likely stayed out of the super costly 3rd tier summer rate and kept the usage in lower cost tier 1 or tier 2; and Third, if you look at the very bottom of your bill you will see a dollar amount “Rollover Transfer Solar Bank” that is the excess energy you produced in prior months that was converted to dollars at retail value, kept in your solar bank and was now credited to your bill to offset energy you consumed of Xcel’s.