Without any doubt it is incumbent on all Americans to take this pandemic seriously and limit exposure to other people, maintain social distancing, and practice good hygiene, but we at ARE Solar have instituted a policy that does all that and still allows us to help the community go green.


By using technology we will be able to perform a virtual site visit and learn about the customer face to face and witness the home or business’ systems all while having the meeting via the internet and video conferencing tools readily available to most individuals.  So remotely we can learn all we need, and the customer can learn all they need about solar and the company without ever causing anyone to have increased risk factors.


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With photos taken by the customer at the direction of the ARE staff on the video conference, design work can be done, engineering can be performed, and contracts can be signed remotely.  Then with electronic permit applications no one at ARE Solar nor the municipality ever needs to sit face to face to receive the building permit for your new solar system.


Then all your equipment is electronically ordered from an automated warehouse and shipped directly to your home.  An ARE Solar representative will meet the truck at your home, but other than opening your garage door you need not have any contact with this process and all associated personnel participate in Covid-19 CDC recommended work practices.


Your system will be installed on the roof or ground with a limited 3-person crew that work exclusively together.  After that, the city will send out an inspector who will only inspect and have no contact with you or ARE personnel.  Once the system is all approved your utility will do the same to install your Net Meter and you will start producing your unlimited green renewable power even while the country is in the grips of a pandemic.