1. Is this bid an estimate or a fixed price? What is the process you will follow if you find unexpected problems with this installation and want to charge extra to fix the problems?

2. Does the bid include the total cost of the project, including components, materials and labor?

3. Does the bid include the time frame for beginning and ending the installation?

4. Does the bid include warranty information, as well as how to place a claim?

5. Does the bid include expected operation and maintenance costs; projected monthly, annual and lifetime costs and savings; and projected energy production?

6. Does the bid include payment options, as well as financing details?

7. Does the bid include details about who will file paperwork for tax credits, rebates and other incentives?


1. How much will the down payment be?

2. When will it be due?

3. What is the payment schedule?

4. How long after work is completed will the final payment be due?

5. Do you offer financing or have a relationship with a bank that offers financing?