Solar photovoltaic systems can help you save a significant amount of money on your utility bills. Once ThinkstockPhotos-505498966 (1)you’ve made the choice to have one of these systems installed, your next decision is selecting a solar installation company. With increasing interest in solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses, it’s not difficult to find these companies both locally and throughout the country. When you’re deciding on a company to work with, keep in mind that choosing a local one comes with a number of benefits. At ARE Solar, we offer the following advantages for homeowners and businesses throughout Colorado, including the greater Denver and Boulder metro area.

Convenience and Reliability

Hiring a local solar installation company means you can count on being able to meet with the owners and employees in person rather than dealing with sales representatives over the phone. This helps ensure that you receive reliable service and prompt answers to any questions or concerns you might have about the installation process. If you run into any difficulties during the installation process, your local company can come out to your home or business if needed.

At ARE Solar, we’re committed to making sure our customers receive personal and dependable service from start to finish. We meet with customers in person before the installation process and are available to handle any issues that come up while panels are being installed.

Exceptional Customer Service

Working with a solar installation company that is located in a different state or a different part of the country can affect the quality of customer care you receive. In many cases, the customer service you get comes from sales staff that are trained to provide routine service instead of personalized care. When you choose to hire a local solar installation company, especially a smaller one, you can rely on receiving outstanding customer service. In addition to being able to meet with owners and employees face to face, you can also count on getting exceptional service.

As a small, locally owned business, ARE Solar is dedicated to providing all customers with high standards of care in order to ensure customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable and professional staff strive to keep all of our customers happy during each stage of the installation process, starting with the initial consultation. We also offer solar maintenance services to ensure that our customers remain satisfied with their investment in a solar photovoltaic system for their home or business.

Expert Knowledge

When choosing a solar photovoltaic system for your home or business, having a professional installer with expert knowledge of these products is essential. Working with a solar installation company located outside your area means that you will most likely be dealing with a seasonal sales representative with limited knowledge of these products and the installation process. When you hire a local company that provides you with access to the owners, you can depend on receiving advice and guidance from knowledgeable experts.

At ARE Solar, our owners are involved on every solar installation job. This allows us to provide our customers with the assistance they need when it comes to choosing the right system for their home and business. It also means that we oversee each job and promptly manage any problems or delays that occur. We also take steps to anticipate and prevent these from occurring, so we can keep jobs on schedule.