How much do you know about solar energy? You’ve probably heard things like it can help you save on your electric bill or eventually eliminate it completely. While these statements are TRUE, the positive environmental impacts of solar energy are very important and worth understanding, too.

Top 4 Environmental Benefits of Going Solar

  • No pollution. There is NO pollution produced when a solar energy array powers your home. Switching to solar will reduce your impact on the environment as there is no air, water, or sound pollution during the generation of your electricity.
  • No harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Even better, solar energy requires NO fossil fuels, so no harmful greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere by solar arrays.
  • Solar energy is completely renewable. With solar energy, you aren’t using up a non-renewable source of energy like coal or other fossil fuels, you are using the sun’s unlimited photons.
  • Add an electric vehicle and drive on sunshine. Opting for an EV means offsetting 100% of a traditional car’s harmful C02 emissions. A properly designed solar energy system will power your home AND your car!

There’s no better time to GO SOLAR!
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