Did you know that Denver has more days of sunshine than Miami, Florida?

Colorado’s Front Range has an average of 300 sunny days a year. This makes the eastern part of the state ideal for using clean renewable solar PV (photovoltaic) power to electrify your home or business.

Miami Florida vs Denver sunshine

Your own personal photovoltaic power generating system will provide you with decades of free clean energy that gives you true energy independence.

  • You can choose to stay connected to the grid, and use your pv system in harmony with the utility grid, allowing the grid to act as your battery. In this way you send extra power to the grid when you don’t need it, and retrieve additional power from the grid when you do.
  • Or you can go off-grid and enhance your system with batteries to run completely isolated from the grid.
Solar Denver Colorado

No matter how you decide to interconnect your solar system, the Federal Government will pay you back for 26% of the full solar panels installation cost. Plus, the State of Colorado will waive all the sales taxes.

There is no reason to keep paying the utility company more money year after year, and getting your power from coal burning power plants when our solar panels company can help you move forward with your energy needs. The future is here now… and your governments will help you transition.