Why hire a national chain company to do your local work?

ARE Solar is a local Boulder company building high quality PV solar systems on the Front Range of Colorado since 2009. At ARE Solar, we strive to harness the enthusiasm surrounded by solar energy, and encapsulate it in our everyday work.

pv installer Boulder CO

We offer you far more than any national chain

  • We have the best customer service rating in the industry.
  • From customer introductions to the production crew’s completion, we provide efficient and responsive service.
  • We provide custom designed PV systems to meet your needs, and not the needs of the corporation trying to sell what they have in their warehouses.
  • Our Boulder PV installers have years of experience in providing customized solar installations that meet the needs of our valued customers.
  • We do not outsource or use day laborers.
  • Some of the staff at ARE Solar Panels are owners too.
  • Being a small business with low overhead, our competitive pricing for solar energy enables the masses to enjoy solar, not just the wealthy few.

If you’re ready to take the next step in energy independence, we ARE ready too!