When you gave us the proposal back in 2013 for putting solar on our house you left us with the expectation that the time to recoup the down payment costs would be about 7 to 8 years. By my math we broke even about 2 weeks ago, so 6 years and 8 months.

We’ve really been happy with our decision not only as an investment, but a small bit of help to global energy.

Hope all is well, stay healthy, and thanks!

David L.

We have worked with ARE Solar on two residential projects now. We had such a positive experience at our old house that when we moved 5 years later, we had ARE Solar installed solar at our new house as well. We are so pleased with our decision, and I strongly recommend ARE Solar to anyone even considering using sunshine to make electricity. We’re thrilled with the end results, and the process of working with ARE Solar on the project made all the difference- their excellent communication and attention throughout the entire project, including now that we are up and running, made us feel like we were their most important customer.

Amy M.

As an Architect, I need a solar partner who will be flexible in the design and work with my creative style… ARE solar is just that company. As a repeat customer I have used ARE solar on numerous commercial and residential projects and have always found this organization doesn’t just meet my expectations… they exceed them. The added benefit is they consistently beat the price of the competing bids.

Mike M. Tres Birds Architecture, Boulder

As a businessman running a major distribution company I saw it my responsibility to conserve energy, make my own energy, and reduce my companies footprint on the planet. But I could not afford to shut down my operations so as to convert to solar power. ARE solar’s people came onto our place of business and were very conscientious about, noise, debris, and power interruptions so as to make the transition as easy as possible with the least disruption to my business. I feel as if I got great service and value from ARE.

John D.

Unquestionably I knew before the solar project started I was getting the best price possible, what I didn’t know until the job was completed was that I also got the best customer service. Throughout the install ARE was timely, and responsive to my questions and desires. But what truly stands out was how ARE responded to a panel failure 6 months after the installation. A replacement panel was ordered, installed and I never had to deal with the manufacture for warranty issues, ARE took care of everything.

Jim R.

ARE has been truly outstanding to work with. From the initial installation of our solar panels (whose design and layout we changed several times), to the installation of the critter guards, and most recently the removal and re-installation when we had to replace our roof due to hail damage. ARE has always been prompt, courteous and professional and embodies the true definition of customer service. I would highly recommend them to anybody who is looking to install solar panels.

Craig S.

Excellent customer service, great price and seamless delivery. Everything went as per plan (from quote to commission). Ben, Casey and AJ were the ones I dealt with. All of them are very passionate about what they do and easy to deal with. Recommend 100% to everyone.

Balu N.

ARE has been great to work with, very responsive and meeting all my needs. The work was timely and professional.

Mike G.

The system has worked flawlessly for the last seven and half years and has already paid for itself. ARE solar did a great job installing and managing the hard part for me.

Dan P.