With home solar panels becoming increasingly popular, you might be wondering how many solar panels it takes to power a home. In recent years, switching your home to solar energy has become a lot easier, but it’s still crucial to think through the practical aspects, such as how many solar panels you’ll need. 

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How Solar Panels Work 

Before we dive into the number of solar panels you need to power your home, you should first understand a bit about how solar power works. 

When sunlight hits solar panels, the photons break electrons free from the atoms, creating electricity. The electricity produced by the solar panels gets transferred to the solar power system through its wires. Some of the main components of a solar panel include: 

  • Home solar panel
  • Solar inverters
  • Extruded aluminum frame
  • Batteries

The Number of Solar Panels Required to Power a House 

On average, a house requires a solar power system consisting of 20 to 25 solar panels. The best way to tell how many solar panels your home needs is by asking your local solar panel company like ARE Solar. Our solar power experts can examine your roof and give you a clear estimate. 

Before you decide which solar power system to purchase, you should consider some of the elements that affect solar energy. The number of solar panels necessary to power a single house may depend on various factors, such as: 

  • Local weather
  • Efficiency of the solar panels
  • Your energy consumption

You can also estimate your household’s energy consumption based on your highest monthly utility bill. Your geographical location and weather affect how much light the panels will receive, so people living in areas with less sun may need more solar panels. 

Solar Panel Installation Cost 

Federal and state incentives for converting from non-renewable energy to solar can lower the costs of home solar system equipment and installation. Make sure you understand all available government incentives before purchasing your solar panels. 

The overall cost of a solar panel installation depends on the service provider you choose. At ARE Solar, we will dispatch our best solar power system professionals to give you an estimate of your home’s solar power installation cost. We deliver advanced, custom-designed solar power systems to meet your budget and the needs of your household or business. 

ARE Solar – Your Premier Solar Panel Installation Company in Denver, CO 

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