Achieve 100% self-sufficiency by taking your home off-grid with solar panel installation! At ARE Solar, our off-grid experts know what it takes to eliminate dependency on existing infrastructure. If you want to go off-grid, keep reading to find out how many solar panels you’ll need. 

What Is Off-Grid? 

Going off-grid means you no longer depend on public or private entities to supply your electricity. Some homeowners like the idea of complete self-reliance because it gives them a sense of independence. Others want to avoid paying for electricity generated by coal, oil, or nuclear plants. 

Unlike grid-tied solar panel systems, off-grid setups have no connection to nearby power plants. That means your home makes all of its own electricity. This type of home solar panel installation also means that you cannot sell the electricity you generate back to local energy suppliers. 

Are Solar Panels Enough to Go Off-Grid? 

You can go off-grid with solar panels, but you’ll probably want to connect some batteries to your system to store some of the energy your solar panels create. Otherwise, you won’t have any electricity at night and insufficient power during stormy weather. 

How Many Solar Panels Does It Take to Go Off-Grid? 

The number of solar panels it takes to go off-grid depends on several factors. Some of the most crucial things to consider when calculating the right number of solar panels for your home include: 

  • Estimated daily electricity usage
  • Useable space on your roof
  • Amount of direct sunlight your panels will receive each day
  • Battery capacity

Why Do People Go Off-Grid? 

People go off-grid for a diverse set of reasons. Some individuals live too far from existing power lines. Others prefer to live in mini homes that don’t require a lot of electricity. 

Almost all solar panel customers want to help save the environment from the pollution created by fossil fuels. Finally, some homeowners grow tired of paying utility bills. 

Do I Need an On-Grid or Off-Grid Solar Panel System? 

The type of solar panel system you need will depend on your needs and wants. Some homeowners like the idea of selling electricity back to the energy supplier. Others want to cut the cord connecting them to the energy company so they can become independent. 

How Much Does an Off-Grid Solar Panel Installation Cost? 

The cost of solar panel installations in this case will depend on the electricity needs. It typically costs less to install solar panels on small homes than large homes. Individuals who intend to go off-grid in a mini-home, RV, or van will pay far less than that those that have bigger homes. Get in touch with ARE Solar today and our team will help you get the accurate estimate for your needs.  

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