Xcel Energy customers can follow these 5 easy steps to find their annual energy consumption, which is measured in kilowatt hours (kwh).


Step 1: Login to your Xcel Account


Step 2: Go to “My Usage”

Xcel Energy

Step 3: Select “Table View”

Scroll down a bit and select “Table View”

Xcel Energy

Make sure that the timeframe is set to “12 months”

Step 4: Download Consumption Data

There are two ways you can do this.  The first is to download your energy data as a file.  Press the link to “Download Table”.

Xcel Energy

This will allow you to download the information as either a .csv .xsl or a .xml file.  Choose the option that is best for your (.xls is a Microsoft Excel file).

Some Xcel Customers will have the option to “Download Energy Usage Report”.  This will give you a PDF with all relevant information from your accounts, including consumption in kwh.

Step 5: Calculate Consumption

Once you have your data you can simply add each month’s usage to find your annual consumption.

Add the numbers in the “Electrical Usage (kwh)” column of the spreadsheet.

Xcel Energy

The sum of these numbers is your annual energy consumption.  In this example, the user consumed 3949 kwh throughout the year.  This number can vary greatly depending a multitude of reasons.  Consuming 3,000 kwh per year is just as common as using 50,000 kwh per year.

So why does this matter?

If you are interested in adding a PV solar array to your home, this information is necessary for the provider to calculate what size system will meet the energy consumption.


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