This question comes up in almost every meeting we have with a potential client. The short answer is that solar panels are very tough, and typically can withstand much more than a standard asphalt shingle roof. Many people in our area deal with hail and the affect it has on their roof. We get a lot of calls from roofers needing us to work with them on a Remove/Replace of the solar panels due to hail damage of the roof. In almost all of these cases, the solar panels have no damage. The industry standard for solar panel glass is that they are designed to withstand hail that is 25mm (1 inch) hail at 80 km/h (50 mph). That is about the same as a golf ball falling from the sky as fast as it can go through the friction of the atmosphere. This is also tested as a direct hit, meaning that the hail would hit the panel at a 90 degree impact angle. In nearly all situations, we would not be installing the panels flat, but rather flush to the angle of the roof. This means that the panels wouldn’t be receiving a direct hit from the hail, but rather a glancing blow, and likely be able to withstand a larger impact than what they’ve been designed.