After a solar PV system is installed what sort of maintenance is required to keep the system running? The answer is very little. In fact, if you have a grid tied system that requires no batteries, you essentially have a system with no moving parts and no maintenance. If we get one of those periods of two months without any rain, with a lot of pollen and dust, you may want to hose off the solar panels. However, it really isn’t that important. If you feel that it’s important to wash your panels, a high pressure hose nozzle is all you need. You can stand on the ground and spray them off without the risk of getting on the roof. Dusk or dawn is the best time of day to ensure that the panels aren’t too hot to have cold water sprayed on them. The minerals from your tap water can flash dry onto the panel glass creating a greater haze. The future maintenance cost of a solar PV system is virtually zero. You may want to have the panels professionally cleaned every now and then, but that is up to you and how much you are willing to spend. It really isn’t necessary.