The end of the year has historically become the busiest time of year for most solar installers.  Customers who have been on the fence for a while seem to start executing contracts to buy solar systems before the Federal Income Tax Credit (ITC) changes with the new year.   This year the ITC is 26% and in 2021 that will decrease to 22%.  So it may seem that you should rush to find an installer who can still commit to build in 2020, but that may not be the best deal for you for multiple reasons.

While no one has a crystal ball, and I cannot make a prediction of the future, I can say with good certainty that if we end up with a different administration at the federal level the 25% tariffs that were imposed on solar panels and racking early last year would be rescinded early in the new year.  That would mean a substantial drop in prices of solar equipment shortly their after.  Plus, it is with in the realm of possibilities that we would see Congress and the President attempt to create additional tax incentives to help further motivate the country into renewable energy purchases to meet the stated goal of being completely off coal and oil by 2050.

So while ARE Solar is sold out through the rest of 2020, and now only selling for the 1st quarter 2021 (with a standby list for 2020 move-ups) you should consider that you may be better off building in 2021.  Should any of what was mention above come to fruition their will be a large demand created for solar photovoltaic and having already signed up now for a 2021 build you would insure your place in Q, and that may become a real advantage.

ARE Solar will commit to rebid all work contracted in 2020 for a 2021 build should the tariffs be rescinded in 2021, so as to pass along the savings to the customers.  Tax credit changes will also be reflected in a new bid should that come to pass.   So the risk of finding a lesser quality installer who may still claim to be able to build your system in 2020 may be a risk far greater than waiting for real solar professionals to do your work in 2021 and rolling the dice on the tax credit and tariffs.